WebDot Home Page

WebDot is a CGI program that converts a graph description from a .dot file into an image that can be included on a web page. (As distributed, "Server 1" and "Server 2" are constrained to be the same host. If anyone wants to run a public WebDot server they can easily relax this constraint.)

WebDot is written in Tcl using the Tcldot package from graphviz-tcl.

Where can I get it?

The latest version of WebDot is available from: http://www.graphviz.org/

What does it need to run?

WebDot requires: graphviz-tcl and a web server (an httpd) such as Apache. WebDot has been developed and tested primarily on Fedora systems.

For viewing svg or svgz files you will need an svg-capable browser such as W3C Amaya, or an svg plugin such as: get acrobat svg plugin
For viewing pdf files you will need a pdf plugin such as: get acrobat reader


The demo page lists all of the demo graphs currently distributed with the graphviz package, with links to neato or dot layouts, in png, ps, pdf or svgz output formats. Other formats are available from the png result page.

How do I use it?

There is an online tutorial describing how to use WebDot:
  1. Basic graph creation
  2. Basic graph creation - public WebDot server
  3. Clickable nodes
  4. Clickable edges
  5. Embedded SVG graph
  6. Client-side maps
  7. Inline SVG graphs
  8. Graphs in Tclets
  9. GraphQuest - pan & zoom & client-side maps

Who wrote it?

WebDot was written by John Ellson and is released under a BSD-style license.


It's difficult to find a TCL plugin that works any more, so the last tutorial page probably won't load for you.